Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation

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A Welcome Message from Robert S. Fishel, MD, FACC. President, Florida Electrophysiology Associates

Thank you for visiting the web site of Florida Electrophysiology Associates. We are Florida's largest physician practice of cardiac electrophysiologists. We are also the oldest group of dedicated heart rhythm specialists in this state, having been in practice for over 17 years. Every physician in this practice is board certified in both cardiology and clinical cardiac electrophysiology. Our mission is to provide compasionate, ethical and quality care to patients with cardiac arrhythmias. Did you know that cardiac arrhythmias continue to be the leading cause of death in the developed world? Currently more people die annually in the United States from cardiac arrhythmias than from all cancers combined. Unlike other forms of heart disease, which tends to effect people as they get older, cardiac arrhythmias occur frequently in people of all ages including children. When I was born in New York in 1961, there was little that could be done to treat patients with heart rhythm disorders. Over the past 50 years, science and technology has revolutionized what can be done for a patient with a heart rhythm disorder. Today essentially all disorders of the heart's rhythm are ammenable to treatment - and many heart rhythm disorders can be permanently cured. The physicians in this practice have over 60 years of combined experience performing surgery for heart rhythm disorders. The philosophy of our group is to treat patients the way we ourselves would want to be treated. We hope you enjoy this web site and have a good experience with our practice!

Patient Referral Policy

The physicians in this practice do not practice general cardiology. We are a group of physicians who only treat heart rhythm disorders and as such we must partner with our colleagues who are general cardiologists for much of the evaluation and testing of our patients. If you like in Palm Beach County, we ask that you please also have a general cardiologist who treats you in this area. If you do not, please let us know that when you contact us as we may also wish to arrange for you to see a cardiologist in the area as part of your intial evaluation and treatment. If you are traveling to see us from outside of Palm Beach County and already have a cardiologist, then please bring copies of all records of your previous cardiovascular testing to us for your initial consultation. If you are traveling to see us from outside of the area and do not have a cardiologist, then as part of the initial evaluation we may refer you to see a local cardiologist for some additional testing as part of your initial evaluation.

Greetings from our office manager Genita Andino

Hello and welcome to Florida Electrophysiology Associates. As manager of the largest group of Electrophysiology Physicians in Florida my 3 goals are to have a happy office staff, happy referring physicians and most of all happy healthy patients. Please feel free to click on my picture above for contact information. I am here to be of service to you and to ensure that we are always successful in making you a satisfied patient or referring physician.

Follow The Leader

Florida Electrophysiology Associates had led the State of Florida for the past 5 years in complex catheter ablation procedures. We see patients from across the Southeast and beyond. Volume = Experience. Experience = Better Results

To see all Florida physicians in-patient Medicare ablation volumes for last year click HERE.

To see all Florida physicians out-patient Medicare ablation volumes for last year click HERE.

Please Note: Medpar data is public data on Medicare procedures performed. Medicare volume is approximately 40% of total volume for most physicians in Florida so to get total volume multiply the numbers you see by approx 2.5.